Who is Guarracino ?

Sorrento - Guarracino Family


The Guarracino Family is one of the original families of Sorrento, that has always been involved in many different tourism activities. Throughout 3 generations the family business
has changed according on the specific interests of the family members.

In the 1970’s the grandfather decided to open one of the first rental agencies for bike
and risciò in Sorrento.
In 2010 the grandchildren decided to change this activity into a lounge bar because they have a lot of experience in the service industry. “Guarracino Cocktail & Food ” has been open for business since 2010.

A common passion shared by all the members of the Guarracino family is the sea.
The grandchildren naturally felt the need to continue their grandfather’s love for the sea, combined with their own knowledge. Moreover, the family members have always had close friendships with several boat owners, skippers and fishermen because they have all grown up together here in Sorrento.

This is US and this is the driving force behind the family’s most recent business: “Guarracino Sorrento Boats”.